Educació en Positiu is a dog training school in Barcelona, Catalonia.

We want to help you to improve the relationship you have with your dog and to promote a respectful and caring coexistence.

Ingrid Ramon, is a dog trainer, she works with the most advance methods. She fully learned them at the capital of the dog training: England.
Then she moved to the States where she continued her seek for knowledge.

After ten years she is back in Barcelona running Educacio en Positiu, a dog training practise. Here, we can help you with one to one training and behaviour consultations, group classes, to choose your dog, dog sitting, dog walking and a variety of courses to gain more knowledge about dogs. We traint Detection, asistance and Medical alert dogs too (

And remember, we speak English!

Looking forward to work with you,


Ingrid Ramon Entiende y Educa a tu perro